Dec 22nd, 2013

Make the best of the festive season with Corrugated

Whether it’s cooking the Christmas feast, decking the halls or enacting the Nativity, Christmas is a time for creativity.

On a regular basis, we’ve reported on the use of corrugated board in creative ways: from cars to robots, computers to cathedrals, it seems that corrugated’s versatility and aesthetic qualities make it an ideal medium for the realisation of creative ideas. We also discovered that children sometimes prefer the boxes their presents arrive over the presents themselves!

So here are some ideas to help celebrate the season using recycled corrugated board:

– Make your own corrugated greetings cards

– Enjoy a recycled corrugated Christmas tree

– Have your kids make decorations using corrugated

– Keep your gifts green by using corrugated boxes and tags


Have a great holiday!