FEFCO FootprintAcross Europe packers and distributers can take advantage of a standard packaging called the “Common Footprint” (CF). This standard provides effective protection for transported goods like fruit and vegetables. The Common Footprint stamp clearly marks trays that adhere to this standard.

The stamp is limited to producers whose trays meet the strict technical specifications defined by FEFCO. Key elements of the standard are:

  • Interlocking tabs and matching holders in strictly defined common positions at the sides of the trays ensure stability for high stacking.
  • Trays have standard bases so that a unit load will fit perfectly onto one common pallet or half pallet.
  • Variable heights ensure that the packaging is matched precisely with the size of the produce.

Thus the best use of every millimeter of space is made. More fruit and vegetables of different producers can be transported on one pallet and in one lorry. Less fuel is used which in turn results in lower carbon emissions.

The standardised trays also save space in distribution centres, helping the retailers get the produce on display in store in perfect condition.

To learn more about the exact dimensions and uniform features of the common footprint trays and to download supporting documents and guidelines, visit FEFCO.org.