Fresh for up to 3 days longer

Microbiological contamination of fruit and vegetables is a major concern for retailers: pathogen bacteria put food safety at risk while spoilage bacteria impact shelf life.

In both cases, packaging is critical.

Scientific research led by the University of Bologna has found that corrugated trays keep fruit fresher and safer than reusable plastic containers (RPCs).

Up until now, there had been no indisputable proof that corrugated is cleaner and safer, but the findings have revealed that corrugated significantly reduces microbial cross contamination compared with produce packed in RPCs. Corrugated maintains the fruit’s hygiene, freshness, smell, appearance and taste.

The result of the tests is yet more proof that corrugated is cleaner and safer. When it comes to preventing microbiological contamination, the science is in no doubt: corrugated board is far superior to RPC.