If you play an active role in Europe’s consumer goods supply chain, we recommend you read the Retail Forum’s* latest issue paper on Packaging optimisation.

Considering the size and breadth of this market, the paper gives a concise overview of the life cycle of packaging as part of a product, backed up with some useful statistics and graphs which illustrate trends in production, consumption and waste.

The paper clearly recognises packaging’s positive role in protecting food « it avoids contamination of food which all together improve competitiveness and enhance the benefits for consumers.» Moreover the report encourages retailers to demand for more recyclable packaging to prevent food waste.

After covering the European legal framework around packaging, the opportunities and barriers to optimisation, the paper draws some solid conclusions with calls to action for retailers, policy makers and everyone in the packaging supply chain including the general public.

The report contains some excellent examples of best practice in terms of design, transportation and recycling by retailers from around Europe such as IKEA, The Co-operative Group, Mercadona.

Download the report

* The Retail Forum is a multi-stakeholder platform founded in 2009 to exchange best practices on sustainability in the European retail sector and to identify opportunities and barriers that may further or hinder the achievement of sustainable consumption and production. It is co-chaired by the European Commission and European Retailers. Learn more here [http://ec.europa.eu/environment/industry/retail/index_en.htm]

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