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meatpack  Corrugated board is the number 1 packaging for meat. As it is for fruit & vegetables. Yet both categories use different corrugated solutions. Until recently, that is. Dawn Meats, a major beef & lamb exporter, looked for a new packaging for their export into some 40 countries. Requirements were a turnkey solution for their three production sites in Ireland, cost reduction, better pallet utilization and above all, total elimination of the risk of damages.

Many elements help ensure that fresh produce is protected while it moves along the supply chain. Packaging must be efficient during transport and warehousing. In the picture the height of the corrugated tray in which the peppers are packed minimises movement and maximises protection to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.

The New Year is underway and one New Year resolution is getting a unanimous vote: Stop wasting food. Individuals, but also market players and institutions are pledging to reduce food waste. The European Parliament wants to declare 2014 European Year Against Food Waste and has called for action to halve food waste by 2025. The European Commission has launched a working group on food losses and food waste assembling a variety of food chain stakeholders. 

e-commerce packaging is one area where retailers are increasingly demanding value. Using too much or too little packaging than necessary means incurring large costs through damages or transport inefficiency. Items ordered online often travel great distances to arrive at people’s doorsteps. So every piece of packaging has to perform at its best. This means that while adequately protecting products, it must also comply with regulations and minimise environmental impact.

Gavin Chappell, Supply Chain Director of AsdaGavin Chappell supply chain director at Asda believes that “Packaging has a huge role to play in the prevention of waste”.

The way that corrugated packaging functions plays a crucial role throughout the supply chain. It ensures that products are protected throughout their journey from factory or farm to the supermarket and onwards to your home.

Forest EventEarly last month, for three days, the tree-lined corridors of the European Parliament became the backdrop to an exhibition and workshop entitled ‘Forest Sectors’ contribution to the EU bio-economy’.

Hosted by MEPs Riikka Manner, Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos and Gaston Franco the event was in recognition of the International Year of Forests 2011.

We believe many companies can make significant savings and efficiency gains by moving to performance criteria.

It’s quite understandable why people stick with what they know rather than taking what they might see as a risk by changing the way their corrugated packaging is designed. After all, if this particular pack has worked well for us year after year, why change it?