Corrugated: packaging with all round appeal

Corrugated packaging leaves the competition standing when it comes to protecting goods – fresh produce in particular.

As well as keeping fruit and vegetables safe, corrugated board has a great hygiene record. Scientific research has proven that corrugated reduces the risk of microbiological contamination compared with reusable plastic crates – prolonging shelf life by up to three days!

Corrugated board is also a great example of the circular economy. Not only is corrugated made from up to 88% recycled materials it is also the most recycled paper product. brings you the latest news about this amazing product, highlighting the value it adds to the entire supply chain.

Why Corrugated?
Corrugated packaging protects products in ways often taken for granted. It adapts easily to all shapes and sizes, optimising handling and distribution and interlocking stacking features minimize movement in transit. It can also be customised for easy opening and handling without damaging the product in-store.

Corrugated has great retail appeal too. Today’s advanced printing methods can quickly turn it into attractive shelf-ready packaging making it a highly effective marketing tool.
Latest News

Corrugated packaging adapts easily to all shapes and sizes to give greater protection, insulation and rigidity. Today’s advanced printing techniques have even turned corrugated board into attractive shelf-ready packaging that works as an effective marketing tool.

It’s no coincidence that 75% of all packaged goods transported today are packed in corrugated. Corrugated packaging‘s unique structure makes it strong, while keeping it lightweight and low cost.

Corrugated packaging is a great example of the circular economy. As a paper product it is circular by nature: 100% recyclable, based on 100% renewable sources (thanks to sustainably managed forests) and 100% bio-degradable.

Today’s smart packaging simplifies labour intensive tasks and makes better use of available transport space – all while preventing damage to goods. These intelligent designs rely on the unique qualities of highly adaptable corrugated.

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    Corrugated packaging keeps your produce fresher than plastic
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    Contribution of Two Different Packaging Material to Microbial Contamination ...
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    Corrugated increases sales of fruit and vegetables by up to 14%!
FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) was established in 1952 and represents the interests of the European Corrugated Board Manufacturers. Headquartered in Brussels, FEFCO has 17 active members, all European national corrugated packaging organizations.
The role of the Federation is to investigate economic, financial, technical and marketing issues of interest to the corrugated packaging Industry, to analyse all factors which may influence the industry, and to promote and develop its image.