corrugated house A year ago we wrote about a French couple looking to enlarge their home to offer sustainable bed and breakfast facilities and who had decided to develop and build a cardboard house. Well, it is now completed and ready to welcome guests in search of green holiday options!

Autumn sunshine? Another fantastic corrugated beer box. This one is perfect to hand out as a gift. It contains 6 bottles of beer, the communication is great thanks to the large printable area on the inside of the packaging. The integrated handle makes it easy to carry from the point of sale and the products are well protected.

The Finish packaging sector has come together to produce a campaign highlighting the wide range of benefits of different packages. The Quite a Package! Campaign is a series of highly entertaining video animations following 2 characters called Siiri and Rolle, who explore the benefits of different packaging types as they go about their daily life.

What do the French think of the cardboard as packaging material? According to a recent Ifop study they see it as a practical, economic and ecological multi-purpose material.


Young British entrepreneur Jimmy Cregan came back from a trip to Australia with a goal: to develop and sell ale the very best iced coffee. Launched in April 2011 and retailing in high-end stores in England, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee benefitted from the ideal partner: high-quality printed corrugated retail-ready packaging (RRP) of 6 or 12 single-serve 330ml cartons.

corrugated house

A French couple originally looking to enlarge their home to offer bed and breakfast facilities decided that they wanted to be involved in sustainable tourism development in their area. “We found out that a company was developing a new concept of cardboard house” said Nicole Lenoble.

The New Year is underway and one New Year resolution is getting a unanimous vote: Stop wasting food. Individuals, but also market players and institutions are pledging to reduce food waste. The European Parliament wants to declare 2014 European Year Against Food Waste and has called for action to halve food waste by 2025. The European Commission has launched a working group on food losses and food waste assembling a variety of food chain stakeholders. 

The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) has announced having found a breakthrough decarbonisation technology called “deep eutectic solvents” (DES) a brand new technology which, at low temperatures, breaks biomass down into constituent parts that can then be used in the paper and pulp industries. 

Great News: Mr Corrugated has been shortlisted for Trade Media campaign of the year in the Grocer Marketing, Advertising & PR Awards.

The Grocer is the main grocery trade magazine in the UK. Take a look at the shortlist here There were 94 entries for the Trade Media category alone, so this is a strong achievement by Mr Corrugated!

The European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) has recently published a monitoring report announcing that Europe recycles an impressive 71.7% of the paper it uses, making it the global champion. This is important because recycled paper and board is an essential raw material resource used to make a wide range of new products including corrugated packaging.