insect hotel packaging awardIn the first Dutch packaging awards for 2016 packaging designed for a range of insect hotels using recycled corrugated board has won first prize in the non-food design section.  The packaging was designed by Dutch based Brum Design.  In summing up its decision, the jury concluded that “this simple, functional and cheerful packaging fits well with the product, and supports the sustainability philosophy of the manufacturer. The product is well protected with a minimal amount of packaging material (recycled corrugated). The product-packaging combination has a great gift value.”   


Common Footprint Quality (CFQ) is a new European-wide standard promising top quality corrugated packaging for fruit & vegetable trays. Standardised features provide adequate strength with as a result an accredited tray that safely transports fruits & vegetables from the producer to the point of sale. An audit system ensures that the promised standards are met and the modular design of the box enables you to stack trays from different producers.

meatpack  Corrugated board is the number 1 packaging for meat. As it is for fruit & vegetables. Yet both categories use different corrugated solutions. Until recently, that is. Dawn Meats, a major beef & lamb exporter, looked for a new packaging for their export into some 40 countries. Requirements were a turnkey solution for their three production sites in Ireland, cost reduction, better pallet utilization and above all, total elimination of the risk of damages.

saica_winepackFor decades manufacturers have designed packaging solutions for transporting wine safely, but with the growth of e-commerce wine producers and retailers have identified new needs. Wine e-retailers have seen the growth of orders for single bottles, and typically glass bottles require strong packaging to withstand the risks of parcel shipping.

 Choosing the best packaging, shelving and racking systems to manage inventory, storage and order picking of garments and accessories is a challenge for most online fashion retailers. And never more so than during sales!

Sending a fragile object by post is always a bit of a gamble. Apart from polystyrene chips, bubble wrap and shredded paper, there is no sure way to protect our treasures. Or is there? 

 New research in the US seems to add further evidence to support the recent study in Canada (see blog), which called into question the level of cleanliness of reusable plastic containers.

 How can producers and retailers ensure that the food they transport and sell is safe and adequately protected from contamination? First stop is the packaging! According to a recent Canadian study, fruit and vegetables could be at risk from E. coli due to the poor sanitation of reusable plastic containers.

The new “Candy Pizza” by the Look-O-Look brand, 24 cm in diameter, looks very much like a traditional pizza. Covered with colourful fruit gums, it is presented in a typical corrugated pizza box.

Autumn sunshine? Another fantastic corrugated beer box. This one is perfect to hand out as a gift. It contains 6 bottles of beer, the communication is great thanks to the large printable area on the inside of the packaging. The integrated handle makes it easy to carry from the point of sale and the products are well protected.