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Corrugated packaging adapts easily to all shapes and sizes to give greater protection, insulation and rigidity. Today’s advanced printing techniques have even turned corrugated board into attractive shelf-ready packaging that works as an effective marketing tool.

It’s no coincidence that 75% of all packaged goods transported today are packed in corrugated. Corrugated packaging‘s unique structure makes it strong, while keeping it lightweight and low cost.

Corrugated packaging is a great example of the circular economy. As a paper product it is circular by nature: 100% recyclable, based on 100% renewable sources (thanks to sustainably managed forests) and 100% bio-degradable.

Today’s smart packaging simplifies labour intensive tasks and makes better use of available transport space – all while preventing damage to goods. These intelligent designs rely on the unique qualities of highly adaptable corrugated.

Corrugated board provides cushioning, ventilation, strength, moisture resistance and protection. The ingenious construction of this high performance packaging material makes it rigid and resistant while letting air circulate to provide excellent insulation.

  • October 24th, 2017
    Quick & easy cake with corrugated baking pan
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    Cool corrugated IceBox
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    Brand positioning with corrugated
    Here a great example of how corrugated can be used as a canvas for the branding of a product. The Scottish beer brand `Tennents` used…
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    Fit for purpose book packaging
    This design offers the possibility to combine a various amount of book sizes in one packaging as well as to optimally protect them during shipping.…
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    Fresh fruit delivered at home
    As consumers increasingly shop on-line, retailers are coming up with ways to deliver fresh food quickly and efficiently so that the produce remains fresh without…
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    Clever corrugated cake box
    This corrugated cake box is both an innovative and environmentally friendly way to package cakes for ease of use for consumers and retailers. The ergonomic…