Three sheets is all it takes to design smart packaging that increases cost savings throughout its lifecycle. Intelligent design can make better use of available transport space cutting down on extra road miles. It can prevent goods from being damaged and reduce time spent on labour intensive tasks such as packing shelves.

Corrugated of course!

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meatpack  Corrugated board is the number 1 packaging for meat. As it is for fruit & vegetables. Yet both categories use different corrugated solutions. Until recently, that is. Dawn Meats, a major beef & lamb exporter, looked for a new packaging for their export into some 40 countries. Requirements were a turnkey solution for their three production sites in Ireland, cost reduction, better pallet utilization and above all, total elimination of the risk of damages.


When asked about what the EU could to do to help rebuild competitiveness of the European paper & board industry, MEPs were positive about the potential for our industry and shared their views on some of the challenges:


Corrugated 6 pack gift box

Ben | September 22nd, 2014

Autumn sunshine? Another fantastic corrugated beer box. This one is perfect to hand out as a gift. It contains 6 bottles of beer, the communication is great thanks to the large printable area on the inside of the packaging. The integrated handle makes it easy to carry from the point of sale and the products are well protected.


High Volume digital printing on corrugated is now a reality. That was the conclusion of a well-attended workshop held by FEFCO. New technologies are opening up  new possibilities for maximising the use of packaging as a platform for communicating directly to consumers.


The Finish packaging sector has come together to produce a campaign highlighting the wide range of benefits of different packages. The Quite a Package! Campaign is a series of highly entertaining video animations following 2 characters called Siiri and Rolle, who explore the benefits of different packaging types as they go about their daily life.


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