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Do you get a pang of guilt when you buy a real tree for Christmas? Are you considering going plastic to save one more tree from being wasted? Well, we have some interesting facts that will make you feel differently about your Christmas tree.

How encouraging it was to see during European Paper Week the results of a survey, conducted by CEPI, of 740 European people aged 16 to 26, which show that young people use and value paper. Not only did we see that around 70% prefer the paper versions of newspapers, and that the corresponding number for magazines is 67%, but that for the things which really matter such as love notes and birthday cards the numbers are around 90%.  

Be sure to watch CEPI’s animation showing the key results from the study below.

At the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting in South Africa the “Durban platform for enhanced action” was announced. A roadmap towards a legal framework for a successor of the Kyoto Protocol is to be developed by 2015. As CO2 reduction is of major global concern it is not surprising that we are often asked what our own industry’s intentions for a low carbon future are.

Some would argue that ‘sustainability’ is an overused word, attached to all manner of topics and industries. But during the International Week of Forests, the message that Europe’s forests are truly sustainable and are being well maintained by the forest-based industries was somewhat of a surprise to journalists and MEPs present.

With this year being the International Year of Forests, during 6 – 9 September 2011 the corrugated industry joined the forest sector in the European Parliament to showcase how European forests are a fundamental part of modern life. Counter to popular belief, today’s forests are doing just fine and are on the increase year on year.

Due to the deforestation of tropical forests by other industries in other continents, the paper-based industry has been accused of reducing and destroying Europe’s great forests too. Clearly we’ve not been very good at getting the facts out there, so over the coming months Corrugated of course! will show you how wood is sourced in a sustainable manner for corrugated products, and how Europe’s beautiful woodland is being managed.