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Forest EventEarly last month, for three days, the tree-lined corridors of the European Parliament became the backdrop to an exhibition and workshop entitled ‘Forest Sectors’ contribution to the EU bio-economy’.

Hosted by MEPs Riikka Manner, Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos and Gaston Franco the event was in recognition of the International Year of Forests 2011.

With this year being the International Year of Forests, during 6 – 9 September 2011 the corrugated industry joined the forest sector in the European Parliament to showcase how European forests are a fundamental part of modern life. Counter to popular belief, today’s forests are doing just fine and are on the increase year on year.

Due to the deforestation of tropical forests by other industries in other continents, the paper-based industry has been accused of reducing and destroying Europe’s great forests too. Clearly we’ve not been very good at getting the facts out there, so over the coming months Corrugated of course! will show you how wood is sourced in a sustainable manner for corrugated products, and how Europe’s beautiful woodland is being managed.