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At the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting in South Africa the “Durban platform for enhanced action” was announced. A roadmap towards a legal framework for a successor of the Kyoto Protocol is to be developed by 2015. As CO2 reduction is of major global concern it is not surprising that we are often asked what our own industry’s intentions for a low carbon future are.

We are pleased to report that the recent implementation of the Waste Framework Directive into Spanish law reinforces and defines the concept of sustainable packaging. It requires public administrations to approve waste prevention programmes before 12 December 2013.

Within these programmes, public administrations need to evaluate the effectiveness of all prevention measures in force. I’m delighted to see that corrugated board is cited as best practice encouraging its use as a good example of a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material.

We believe many companies can make significant savings and efficiency gains by moving to performance criteria.

It’s quite understandable why people stick with what they know rather than taking what they might see as a risk by changing the way their corrugated packaging is designed. After all, if this particular pack has worked well for us year after year, why change it?