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insect hotel packaging awardIn the first Dutch packaging awards for 2016 packaging designed for a range of insect hotels using recycled corrugated board has won first prize in the non-food design section.  The packaging was designed by Dutch based Brum Design.  In summing up its decision, the jury concluded that “this simple, functional and cheerful packaging fits well with the product, and supports the sustainability philosophy of the manufacturer. The product is well protected with a minimal amount of packaging material (recycled corrugated). The product-packaging combination has a great gift value.”   

Autumn sunshine? Another fantastic corrugated beer box. This one is perfect to hand out as a gift. It contains 6 bottles of beer, the communication is great thanks to the large printable area on the inside of the packaging. The integrated handle makes it easy to carry from the point of sale and the products are well protected.

The corrugated industry has always shown its commitment to raising the efficiency of its customers’ supply chain. Here is an example where it significantly streamlined the packing process of a range of well-known food products in the UK.

We had many fruitful discussions at the ECR conference but one we definitely want to share is a conversation with Gavin Chappell, ASDA’s Supply Chain Director. He suggested that packaging manufacturers more regularly team up with category buyers to respond better to consumer demand.

Summer still seems far away, but we’ll soon be enjoying those warm, light evenings again. There’s nothing like a refreshing ice-cold beer to drench your thirst as you sit outside.

Our members are always looking for different ways to make better packaging. Faced with the challenge of optimising existing transport packaging for premium hair care products, one of our members sought to reshape conventional thinking.

A love affair with paper based packagingConsumers in Europe have a high regard for paper-based packaging. In fact, they love it!

Here are some facts from a study in Germany:

  • 79% of the German consumers think that paper based packaging is ecologically advantageous compared to plastics.

Fast onto ShelfThe “5 easies” are a set of conditions on the functional requirements secondary packaging must adhere to in order to be called “Retail Ready Packaging” (also known as Shelf Ready Packaging).

It may not seem like it, but Retail Ready Packaging was a dramatic shift in our industry’s philosophy and required a whole new approach to packaging.

With Christmas fast approaching, Santa’s “little helpers” will be thinking hard about what kids want for their presents, if they’ve been good, of course.  However, Santa may want to read the research conducted by Ribena, a UK juice drink brand, on what kids enjoy playing with… he might be surprised.

This year, Poland’s prestigious packaging contest, PakStar, ran for its 6th edition in Poznan and revealed an interesting winner in its “Primary Packaging” category.