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A corrugated packaging manufacturer and washing liquid brand owner have developed RRP (Retail Ready Packaging) that created savings in time and management costs. Functionality was improved and savings on raw materials achieved.

11 to 14 year old pupils studying Design and Technology in the UK have been invited to enter a school competition to design original corrugated board packaging. The competition is one of the modules on PaperWorks, the award winning multimedia schools resource developed by the Confederation of Paper Industries.

Corrugated retail ready packaging manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve the packaging innovation process. In order to do that, they need to understand shoppers behavior on their entire “journey” and to explore consumers’ attitudes to factors such as store layout, category layout, packaging, promotions and in-store communications.

We had many fruitful discussions at the ECR conference but one we definitely want to share is a conversation with Gavin Chappell, ASDA’s Supply Chain Director. He suggested that packaging manufacturers more regularly team up with category buyers to respond better to consumer demand.

Fast onto ShelfThe “5 easies” are a set of conditions on the functional requirements secondary packaging must adhere to in order to be called “Retail Ready Packaging” (also known as Shelf Ready Packaging).

It may not seem like it, but Retail Ready Packaging was a dramatic shift in our industry’s philosophy and required a whole new approach to packaging.