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Last month, Facebook’s “Open Compute” project unveiled a daring design challenge for students at Purdue University’s College of Technology: to create a biodegradable server chassis.  (That’s computer casing to you and me.)

This year, Poland’s prestigious packaging contest, PakStar, ran for its 6th edition in Poznan and revealed an interesting winner in its “Primary Packaging” category.

Over the summer we wrote about the Israeli inventor who created the first cardboard bicycle; a project many experts had considered impossible.

Well, Izhar Gafni and Nimrod Elmish of  I.G. Cardboard are expanding on their first venture and  developing  cardboard wheelchairs!

Every summer for the last two years, the American brewer, MillerCoors has hosted the Miller Freshtival – a music festival in Turkey.  And they’ve done something very Rock ‘n’ Roll to their packaging.

After Izhar Gafni, an Israeli inventor, over-heard a conversation about a man who built a canoe entirely out of cardboard, an idea took shape in his mind:  Why not take his passion, biking, and become the first man to build a commercial bicycle out of cardboard.

gardenWe’ve found a great composting recipe which you can use to fertilise your growing plants next year.  All you need is corrugated board, carbon-rich organic matter, nitrogen-rich organic matter, some soil and a pitch-fork!

1.  Collect your disused corrugated board.

2.  Tear it in smaller pieces (chunks, not confetti) – this makes it easier to decompose.  If you have a lot cardboard, you can help the process go a little faster by lightly soaking pieces in water.

When you consider the sometimes hazardous nature of aerosols, you might think of the depletion of the ozone layer. But aerosols present other challenges too, particularly when these are being transported for disposal. Gases can escape and thus can lead to a potentially explosive pressure build-up while sometimes toxic fluids can leak.

We live in a society of endless production and consumption but also of ever-dwindling resources. It’s more important than ever to use renewable and recyclable materials whenever we can. In this respect, corrugated is often the best choice for easily recyclable and sustainable packaging, but also for products you might not expect.

Ever wondered what to do with that pizza you can’t quite finish? This video shows how existing packaging, with some simple but clever design features, could be used to store the left-overs.

Fun, but it has a serious point. We’ve reported before the high levels of food wasted in high income countries by us, the consumers (Read: Nurturing our Food).

The UK Corrugated industry has made significant achievements in recycling and has exceeded Government targets.  Converters have also developed solutions to increase supply chain efficiency and add value for customers.

Are these advances known by our customers? Also, how does packaging fit in with their new product development strategy?  How is the corrugated packaging industry perceived?

These questions and more were being raised. So we decided to find out the answers: