Jun 18th, 2012

Corrugated’s achievements recognised by customers

The UK Corrugated industry has made significant achievements in recycling and has exceeded Government targets.  Converters have also developed solutions to increase supply chain efficiency and add value for customers.

Are these advances known by our customers? Also, how does packaging fit in with their new product development strategy?  How is the corrugated packaging industry perceived?

These questions and more were being raised. So we decided to find out the answers:

A total of 100 interviews were conducted with a range of FMCG customers.  Here are a few highlighted results:

Packaging in general

  • 94% of respondents consider general packaging to be very important/critical when developing new products

Shelf ready packaging

  • 79% of respondents rated corrugated SRP as their 1st choice packaging material (over competing materials)
  • 83% of respondents agree (47% strongly) with the statement “Corrugated RRP helps promote product or brand in store”
  • 84% of respondents believe the sustainability of corrugated SRP is better than plastic packaging

Results – brown transit packaging

  • 95% of respondents rated brown box corrugated as their 1st choice transit packaging material
  • 84% agree that “Brown box corrugated transit packaging is more versatile than plastic crates because it is available in any size or shape”
  • 79% believe the sustainability of corrugated transit packaging is better than plastic crates
  • 77% of respondents say plastic crates are not a competitive alternative

Results – corrugated industry

  • 92% said the corrugated industry is very important or critical to the future of their business
  • 68% agree very much/extremely that our industry is sensitive to customers’ needs
  • 57% agree very much/extremely that it is innovative

Good news then. Our track record on sustainability and our ability to bring supply chain efficiency and value gains are widely recognised by customers. Getting the right packaging is a critical. Finally perceptions of our industry are favourable.  However there is always room for improvement!