Sep 13th, 2012

Ice Cool Corrugated Advertising in Amsterdam

You may remember the article, “High octane corrugated advertising in Amsterdam” back in April.  It showed the ingenious Mini Cooper packaging Christmas advertisement capturing curiosity on the streets of Amsterdam.  Well, someone has sent us an email about another equally daring and captivating ad, which also took place in Amsterdam.

If you’ve ever visited this city, you will probably have done walks around the canals, gone to the flower market and visited a series of great museums.  You may also have opted for a journey to one of Amsterdam’s most popular
thirst quenching destinations…  the Heineken brewery.

Well, this advertising was conceived for Heineken and uses the same concept, corrugated packaging.  Back in late 2009 / early 2010, Heineken launched a series of TV / online ads about the “walk-in fridge”.  It was designed to be a parody of the “walk-in wardrobe”.  You can see this below:

To accompany this viral ad, which won several advertising awards, Heineken also placed a series of corrugated boxes on the streets of Amsterdam, which implied that someone had installed a “walk-in fridge” in their home – and become the envy of their neighbours in the process.

It is a great combination of social media paired with offline advertising designed to capture people’s imaginations and reinforce the brand.  The benefit of corrugated, as an advertising material, is that it enables you to create large, sustainable, yet portable, 3D structures.  Unlike billboards, it is a medium where people can approach and interact with your advertising.

If you too have a great example featuring corrugated, please send us an email at so that we can share it with everyone.