Nov 2nd, 2012

Football inspired packaging design

How do you merge delicious sweets and the great game of football?  Simple, packaging that comes in the shape of the ball.  That’s what one confectionery manufacturer did to celebrate the UEFA Euro 2012 (The European Football Championship) which took place in Poland and the Ukraine last summer.

The construction is a series of 6-sided cones that interconnect at their peak to create a sphere.  But first, the customer must purchase enough modules… evidently, fans of chocolate got the reward a little faster than others.

This is a great marketing technique that combines a very popular sport and an international event with sustainable packaging for their product.  The key to this packaging’s ingenuity however is, rather than recycle it straight away, customers can give it a second life as a memento of the event.  It is not just packaging, it is a piece of history.  (Particularly if you cheered for Spain…)