Jun 21st, 2013

Gavin Chappell, ASDA: “Talk to the buyer”

We had many fruitful discussions at the ECR conference but one we definitely want to share is a conversation with Gavin Chappell, ASDA’s Supply Chain Director. He suggested that packaging manufacturers more regularly team up with category buyers to respond better to consumer demand. We already know that in-store layout and packaging innovations drive sales. By working jointly, corrugated packaging manufacturers and category buyers can improve the product flow to the shelf and improve in-store display and sales levels. This can take many forms but customised retail ready packaging and co-developed in-store display units that work efficiently from production to sale are a great start.

Better collaboration will require shared objectives and a good dose of innovation but it can lead to revenue growth and cost reduction.

We also asked Gavin what the current hot topics in secondary packaging are. His reply:

  1. Greater consumer demand for bigger range and the growth in convenience retailing will drive the demand for smaller secondary pack sizes – a demand that corrugated packaging is well placed to meet.
  2. Retail Ready Packaging should continue to evolve to ensure consistent front facing of primary packs.


What examples of collaboration with category buyers that led to great corrugated packaging solutions do you have?