Jan 3rd, 2013

Return to sender

Grand and Toy, a Canadian office supply store, has created a sustainable packaging solution for businesses. The appropriately named “Boomerang” box is is heavier duty than your standard delivery corrugated box but that’s because it is designed to be used, and re-used, and re-used…

It’s actually a really clever business solution. Every year, businesses use many boxes, representing significant efforts in disposal services. So instead of sending them immediately for recycling, the delivery truck picks up the used boxes on his next round. This offers cost and sustainability benefits…

However, every business’ support and dedication to the program is necessary, otherwise it wouldn’t work. That’s why Grand and Toy monitor every business’ return rate to make sure it stays above 70%. What happens if the company falls short? They will send a business solutions expert to help the company reach their target.

The system has already been picked up by OfficeMax and is going to be rolled out throughout Canada next year.

This method cleverly uses the durability and strength of corrugated to extend the box’s lifecycle and achieve higher levels of efficiency. Brilliant!

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