Nov 30th, 2012

Survey says: kids prefer box over gift

With Christmas fast approaching, Santa’s “little helpers” will be thinking hard about what kids want for their presents, if they’ve been good, of course.  However, Santa may want to read the research conducted by Ribena, a UK juice drink brand, on what kids enjoy playing with… he might be surprised.

The “Ribena plus play report” reveals that 46% of parents claim their children enjoy playing with boxes instead of toys or games!  Yet, 1 in 3 parents still feel “pressured” into spending more on presents for their kids at Christmas. Perhaps that’s because a box with a present actually in it is still the safer choice!

With 1 in 7 parents reporting that their kids played longer with the packaging than the actual toy, perhaps parents could give a “second life” to gift packaging? This is what Ribena have done, see their templates.