Jan 27th, 2013

When size does matter

When size does matterWhen it comes to space efficiency, size matters!  Whether you are transporting goods or filling shelves, centimetres and millimetres can make a world of a difference. And that’s where corrugated works its magic!

Corrugated packaging is strong yet relatively thin, so in itself it doesn’t take up very much space. In addition to that, it can be tailored to precisely fit the products, so there’s no headspace in the secondary or tertiary packaging – meaning it can be filled to the brim. This principle of infinitely variable height can be applied to manufactured products but also to fruit and vegetables. A study in the UK found that corrugated achieves 91 to 98 per cent space efficiency, which is the highest of any of the competing systems in secondary and tertiary packaging.

This of course saves costs. In a total cost comparison carried out in Germany of the transport of 1,000 kg apples, corrugated packaging had 13% (average) lower cost than the competing system.

Adding value as the package goes through its journey, corrugated packaging’s space efficiency means fewer lorries on the road and lower transport and logistics costs. A win on all counts!