Apr 12th, 2013

Young spruce shares sustainability story

As you know, we’ve recently introduced you to Mr. Corrugated.

We thought it would also be fun to introduce you to another character – Russell the Spruce!

To share facts about sustainability, Eurosac, the European federation of paper sack manufacturers, produced a short video about Russell, a young pine spruce starting out life in a sustainably managed forest in Scandinavia.

Currently just a few feet tall, Russell can’t wait until he’s big enough and strong enough to do amazing things as an industrial paper sack. For now, while still in the forest, he competes with the other young pines trees to gulp in the most CO2 then puff out the most O2 back into the atmosphere.

Watch the video to see Russell explain how he helps the planet throughout his life: when growing, while he’s working, and even when he retires.

Russell is clearly an impressive fellow and although he refers to paper sacks, many of the benefits he mentions are also true for other paper based packaging, including corrugated!