Apr 8th, 2013

“Floating” bottle packaging halves handling time

Packaging delicate objects for transport, such as glass bottles, used to be time consuming. Two or more packaging layers were needed to keep the item safe and secure, and this increased handling time.

To address this issue, one of our members devised a bottle packaging solution – aptly called Care bottle packaging ­­– that halves handling time. Thanks to its one-piece delivery, it also reduces packaging materials by 20% and provides 5% savings in logistics. 

A winner from 2012’s Goldene Welle (Golden Flute) innovation award, this packaging has a self-adjusting pad precisely glued in, which expands when you unfold the flat pack and adjusts when the bottle is inserted.

In transport, the bottle simply floats within the outer protective enclosure, secured by the automated base and a collar rim that presses against its shoulders.