Whether it is moving a box in the warehouse, in-store, or at home, we’ve all had to handle heavy boxes.

Corner Box, a new design by Huang Hsiao Yuan and Lin Tsen Yin, can help make lifting boxes easier. With small cutouts inverting the box’s bottom corner, you can easily get a firm grip by sliding your fingers into the bright yellow corner zone.




You may think, “Surely a cutout will impact the strength of the box”. Not so. The team has identified the exact cut that ensures the structure maintains its strength.

There will be some compromise of space inside the box, but ease of handling is a priority for distributors and retailers. Clever feature? We welcome your comments.

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One Response to “Innovative corner makes lifting boxes easier”

  1. Dave Smith says:

    It’s certainly a clever idea, but whether the handling benefits will outweigh the extra cost remains to be seen. Unfortunately, those who sign the cheques are very rarely the same as those who do the actual work!

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