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We are happy to announce that a valuable new member is joining the Corrugated of Course team. His role will be to demonstrate the value of corrugated in the supply chain and show why it is a material of choice for retailers, wholesalers and producers.

Please give a warm welcome to… Mr. Corrugated!

How do you merge delicious sweets and the great game of football?  Simple, packaging that comes in the shape of the ball.  That’s what one confectionery manufacturer did to celebrate the UEFA Euro 2012 (The European Football Championship) which took place in Poland and the Ukraine last summer.

To carry on from last week’s boombox packaging blog, here is something on a much grander scale.  Obviously, it is big and more closely resembles a boombox.  What you can’t tell from the pictures is that it is powered by a car battery and actually works!

Every summer for the last two years, the American brewer, MillerCoors has hosted the Miller Freshtival – a music festival in Turkey.  And they’ve done something very Rock ‘n’ Roll to their packaging.

You may remember the article, “High octane corrugated advertising in Amsterdam” back in April.  It showed the ingenious Mini Cooper packaging Christmas advertisement capturing curiosity on the streets of Amsterdam.  Well, someone has sent us an email about another equally daring and captivating ad, which also took place in Amsterdam.

With 68% of consumers making their purchase decisions at the point of sale (POS), it is easy to understand why manufacturers want eye-catching and appealing stands to display their products.

How does corrugated play a role?  Well, two corrugated displays were among this year’s winners for the POPAI POS Awards and are great examples that illustrate the strengths of this material.

Advertising is all around us.  Every day, on our way to work, we see billboards, posters, bus stop adverts, adverts on the side of the bus, adverts on lamp posts and even on building facades.

However, we have become so accustomed to them that we hardly notice them anymore.  They have just become part of the daily background.  (Unless you are waiting in traffic or for your bus and find their witty statements a welcome distraction.)