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google cardboard headset

Google corrugated  headset  helps save baby`s life.

Doctors in Florida, USA were able to plan a difficult surgery on a four month old baby girl with the help of a google corrugated headset.
The goggles headset can be used with a smartphone and an app to see images 3 dimensionally and in virtual reality (VR). In this case, a 3D model of the heart was constructed that could then be viewed from different angles using VR. The doctors were able to minutely plan every step of the complicated surgery ahead of time. This would help save valuable time once surgery started and improve the baby`s chances of surviving the procedure. They created the 3D model by uploading CT scans to an app called SketchFab which was then used on the smartphone.

Corrugated_CastleMany parents know that a giant corrugated box can be a great toy for children and provide many hours of creative play building it into their own little world.
An Austin, USA-based startup took this idea one step further and created an app, named PopUp Play, that lets children design their own castle, spaceship or gingerbread house on a tablet or smartphone.

Buy a kid an expensive toy and what do they do? They play with it for a while but eventually it gets shoved aside in favor of the box. A ship, a plane, a castle… it doesn’t matter, in their inquisitive minds that box could become absolutely anything!

A love affair with paper based packagingConsumers in Europe have a high regard for paper-based packaging. In fact, they love it!

Here are some facts from a study in Germany:

  • 79% of the German consumers think that paper based packaging is ecologically advantageous compared to plastics.

Fast onto ShelfThe “5 easies” are a set of conditions on the functional requirements secondary packaging must adhere to in order to be called “Retail Ready Packaging” (also known as Shelf Ready Packaging).

It may not seem like it, but Retail Ready Packaging was a dramatic shift in our industry’s philosophy and required a whole new approach to packaging.

Flip books were essentially the first form of animation. They were made by slightly altering a series of images to create a “scene”. All the images would be attached in a book and, when turned rapidly, the animation would come to life. Although a very clever invention for its time, it was of course superceded by cinematic film.

Christmas is upon us once again and following up on the discovery that kids prefer playing with boxes over toys, we looked for further evidence of this fact in action.

Last month, Facebook’s “Open Compute” project unveiled a daring design challenge for students at Purdue University’s College of Technology: to create a biodegradable server chassis.  (That’s computer casing to you and me.)

With Christmas fast approaching, Santa’s “little helpers” will be thinking hard about what kids want for their presents, if they’ve been good, of course.  However, Santa may want to read the research conducted by Ribena, a UK juice drink brand, on what kids enjoy playing with… he might be surprised.

This year, Poland’s prestigious packaging contest, PakStar, ran for its 6th edition in Poznan and revealed an interesting winner in its “Primary Packaging” category.