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When asked about what the EU could to do to help rebuild competitiveness of the European paper & board industry, MEPs were positive about the potential for our industry and shared their views on some of the challenges:

The new “Candy Pizza” by the Look-O-Look brand, 24 cm in diameter, looks very much like a traditional pizza. Covered with colourful fruit gums, it is presented in a typical corrugated pizza box.


With a great example of innovative solution that meets customer needs, a corrugated packaging for loudspeakers won the ‘Storage and Transport’ category at Germany’s “Goldene Welle” awards. The packaging is innovative, easy-to-use, and offers great protection;

With the FIFA football world cup in full swing, millions of supporters have been following their teams in Brazil mostly on TV, but for the lucky few live at the games themselves. There will certainly be no spare seats in the games to come! 

On this European elections week-end look out for these great corrugated board voting booths! They are funky, lightweight, easy to transport, store and put up. Now, all you have to do is cast the right vote!

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Samsung‘s Origami printer is a prototype with an exterior made from corrugated cardboard, which simplifies the manufacturing process and makes it more environmentally friendly to dispose of. Assembled using a folding method, the recycled material is cut out and folded to shape the printer before the mechanism and engine unit are fitted.

The advantages of corrugated board are well known. Its strength, versatility, protective abilities, recyclability and renewability make it the ideal transport packaging material. Some may think that this is the extent of its contribution. Not quite.

Did you know for example that corrugated board can be used as part of sound dampening material in cars?

Corrugated retail ready packaging manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve the packaging innovation process. In order to do that, they need to understand shoppers behavior on their entire “journey” and to explore consumers’ attitudes to factors such as store layout, category layout, packaging, promotions and in-store communications.

Our members are always looking for different ways to make better packaging. Faced with the challenge of optimising existing transport packaging for premium hair care products, one of our members sought to reshape conventional thinking.