Feb 12th, 2015

We asked MEPS which key EU policies would support the competitiveness of the paper & board industry

When asked about what the EU could to do to help rebuild competitiveness of the European paper & board industry, MEPs were positive about the potential for our industry and shared their views on some of the challenges:

–       Energy policy: according to MEP Claude Rolin (EPP, BE) “we need to work harder at promoting efficient energy” in order to contain energy prices. We agree: already there are many examples of energy efficiency initiatives within the Paper & Board industry.

–       Industrial policy: to boost growth and jobs by maintaining and supporting a strong, diversified and competitive industrial base in Europe. “We have to strengthen the industry so that Europe’s competitive edge is also strengthened” added MEP Barbara Kapel (AT). Many employees across Europe depend on the continued strength of the Paper & Board industry: policy which supports its continued growth is welcomed.

–       Innovation: For Jean-Paul Denanot (PASD, FR) “Europe needs to make sure that technological developments are supported so that the industry can re-establish itself locally”. The EU can play an important role in the innovation agenda, through supporting research and development: physical design of packaging leading to greater economic and environmental efficiency is just one example of innovation by the Paper & Board industry: Potential exists for further innovation which continues to meet both industry and EU goals.

The European Paper & Board industry is one of the most sustainable industries there is: a good industry with good products should have good prospects! We need energy policy that rewards efficient use, industrial policy that supports competitiveness and EU incentives that encourage innovation. As MEP Pietikaïnen(EPP, FI) puts it “I see a good avenue for the European pulp & paper industry”.

Full video accessible here