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As you know, we’ve recently introduced you to Mr. Corrugated.

We thought it would also be fun to introduce you to another character – Russell the Spruce!

To share facts about sustainability, Eurosac, the European federation of paper sack manufacturers, produced a short video about Russell, a young pine spruce starting out life in a sustainably managed forest in Scandinavia.

A love affair with paper based packagingConsumers in Europe have a high regard for paper-based packaging. In fact, they love it!

Here are some facts from a study in Germany:

  • 79% of the German consumers think that paper based packaging is ecologically advantageous compared to plastics.

Last month, Facebook’s “Open Compute” project unveiled a daring design challenge for students at Purdue University’s College of Technology: to create a biodegradable server chassis.  (That’s computer casing to you and me.)