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The results of a recent UN study suggested that one-third of food production for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, which amounts to about 1.3 billion tons per year. Mainly in emerging countries, much of the food is wasted even before it reaches the consumer, while in industrialised nations losses occur mainly at consumer level.

We had many fruitful discussions at the ECR conference but one we definitely want to share is a conversation with Gavin Chappell, ASDA’s Supply Chain Director. He suggested that packaging manufacturers more regularly team up with category buyers to respond better to consumer demand.

Fast onto ShelfThe “5 easies” are a set of conditions on the functional requirements secondary packaging must adhere to in order to be called “Retail Ready Packaging” (also known as Shelf Ready Packaging).

It may not seem like it, but Retail Ready Packaging was a dramatic shift in our industry’s philosophy and required a whole new approach to packaging.

This year, Poland’s prestigious packaging contest, PakStar, ran for its 6th edition in Poznan and revealed an interesting winner in its “Primary Packaging” category.

IKEA’s move to use paper pallets to deliver goods to their retail outlets has been widely reported, but just in case you missed it, here it is again.  Pop quiz: Can you remember how many trucks were taken off the road due to this change?  If your answer is below 5digits, you have to read this.