May 2nd, 2012

IKEA comments on use of paper pallets

IKEA’s move to use paper pallets to deliver goods to their retail outlets has been widely reported, but just in case you missed it, here it is again.  Pop quiz: Can you remember how many trucks were taken off the road due to this change?  If your answer is below 5digits, you have to read this.

The new paper pallets are designed to be perfect replacements and as such, they hold weights equal to their predecessors.  How is this achieved?  They are made from folded corrugated board of course.  In addition to their strength, these paper pallets are also designed for one trip and recycled after use to reduce the amount of return transport.

Corrugated of Course asked IKEA about the move to paper pallets and how it will benefit their business.

Karin Perntoft, Communications Manager IKEA Transport Global had this to say:

“The overall objective is to decrease cost and create a more sustainable business by less impact on the environment.

Replacing wooden pallets with lower and lighter handling material creates positive effects on costs, environment, filling rate and density in our stores.

This change makes it possible to increase filling rate (more products in each transport shipment) as well as minimize return transportation with empty wooden pallets.

Minimized need of return flow of empty wooden pallets saves costs and emissions. In Europe this means approximately 50 000 trucks taken away from the roads every year”.

This is a really great case study because it illustrates so many of corrugated’s benefits: product protection, cost reductions and sustainability.

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