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The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) has announced having found a breakthrough decarbonisation technology called “deep eutectic solvents” (DES) a brand new technology which, at low temperatures, breaks biomass down into constituent parts that can then be used in the paper and pulp industries. 

The European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) has recently published a monitoring report announcing that Europe recycles an impressive 71.7% of the paper it uses, making it the global champion. This is important because recycled paper and board is an essential raw material resource used to make a wide range of new products including corrugated packaging.

In the spirit of true collaboration, last week Mr Corrugated promoted his key messages and directed delegates around the venue at the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Europe conference in Brussels.

The UK Corrugated industry has made significant achievements in recycling and has exceeded Government targets.  Converters have also developed solutions to increase supply chain efficiency and add value for customers.

Are these advances known by our customers? Also, how does packaging fit in with their new product development strategy?  How is the corrugated packaging industry perceived?

These questions and more were being raised. So we decided to find out the answers:

Readers may want to postpone reading this until lunch as it will conjure up images of the Mediterranean and delicious grilled vegetables.  The subject concerns Spanish vegetables and how they travel from sun-bathed fields to your local restaurant or dinner table.

Traditionally, farmers in Spain have sold their peppers, tomatoes and zucchinis at auction using 10kg plastic crates.  After the sale, the vegetables are frequently repackaged into generic unbranded 5kg plastic boxes ready for shipment to the point of sale.  This transfer increases damages to the produce, increases costs, and delays the transition from farm to fork. 

Forest EventEarly last month, for three days, the tree-lined corridors of the European Parliament became the backdrop to an exhibition and workshop entitled ‘Forest Sectors’ contribution to the EU bio-economy’.

Hosted by MEPs Riikka Manner, Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos and Gaston Franco the event was in recognition of the International Year of Forests 2011.