Feb 10th, 2021

Worldstar Award Winner – Corrugated pallets

Based on renewable and recyclable raw materials, these KraftPal corrugated pallets have distinctive properties that make them a greener and more cost-effective alternative to wooden, plastic or composite pallets. They are 80% lighter so easier to handle and fuel consumption is reduced on road transport due to the lower weight of the corrugated. The LCA study demonstrate 12,6% less emissions compared to wooden pallets throughout the pallet lifecycle. Furthermore, products are well protected as the corrugated absorbs 80% of vibrations during transport. The pallets meet international logistic standards and are available in 22 model variations suiting various transport needs.

As the pallets are One-way/ Single-use they can easily be disposed of in existing recycling channels at the destination, a definite advantage when shipping to continents that have different pallet standards.

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