Jul 20th, 2017

Fresh fruit delivered at home

As consumers increasingly shop on-line, retailers are coming up with ways to deliver fresh food quickly and efficiently so that the produce remains fresh without getting damaged underway.

The retailer Carrefour had this lightweight corrugated packaging specially designed for the purpose of packaging fresh fruits ordered on-line that will then be packed with the rest of the customer`s purchase. There are 3 possible box sizes holding approximately 1kg, 750 g and 500 g of fruit.

The on-line orders are prepared up to 24h in advance before being transported to the customer and will be in transit form the retailer to the customer for distances of under 30km. The corrugated permits a good ventilation of the products while they are in the stored in the cooling chamber, avoiding moisture and so keeping the fruit in good condition. In the box, the fruit is in direct contact with the corrugated, which will protect it from damage during transport because of the unique cushioning effect corrugated provides. After use, the corrugated box can be re-used and/or recycled.

The packaging is a winner of the Worldstar Packaging Awards. Moreā€¦ https://www.worldstar.org/winners/2017/food?page=1