Oct 14th, 2015

Fully drivable corrugated car unveiled at design expo

corr_lexusA full size Lexus IS made of 1,700 laser-cut sheets of corrugated board on a steel and aluminium frame was unveiled at the Grand Designs Live show in Birmingham on 8 October. It is the result of the collaboration between skilled workers – known as takumi – who work on the Lexus production lines and corrugated board manufacturers. The car making takumi were selected on their dexterity with paper folding (origami). 

Designing, cutting, assembling and gluing all the 10 mm pieces of corrugated board together took three months. The car’s doors work, it has functioning headlights and rolling wheels as well as an electric motor. The first ever drivable electric cardboard car is a triumph of design and engineering but it is also a statement that sustainable, and in this case fully recyclable, cars are possible.

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