Jun 29th, 2021

Sustainable recyclable corrugated food tray

The customer demand for sustainable packaging for all products, including for fresh food is a reality. The Finnish company Jospak has adapted to this new reality and developed a tray made of corrugated cardboard which provides a sturdy structure while being lightweight for packing foods such as meat, poultry, fish, plant-based protein products, salads and ready meals.

The tray is renewable and recyclable which provides an advantage over plastic or polystyrene trays and helps to reduce the amount of plastics by 85%. It generates three times less carbon dioxide emissions compared to similar rigid plastic packaging. Furthermore, the octagonal tray shape are compatible with existing automatic tray packaging systems in the food industry.

The corrugated tray received numerous acknowledgements including a gold award for sustainability from Worldstar, the World Packaging Organisation, and an award for food packaging from the same organisation.

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