Mar 16th, 2012

Supporting the bioeconomy

We welcome the European Commission’s (EC) communication on “Innovating for Sustainable Growth: a Bioeconomy for Europe”, aiming to shift the European economy towards greater and more sustainable use of renewable resources.

The strategy recognises packaging’s significant role in ensuring food safety, enhancing shelf-life, preserving taste, protecting goods, providing information to consumers and providing convenient portion sizes.

It also acknowledges the key role that packaging industries play in reducing environmental impacts. Corrugated packaging itself is biodegradable, can be fully recycled and eventually recovered as an energy source. In addition, through eco-design, corrugated packaging solutions are constantly helping customers reduce their carbon footprint, for example by enabling them to transport goods more efficiently.  Our industry is therefore strongly positioned in line with the aims of the EC strategy.

The strategy is being covered widely online and you can read more details here.