Dec 12th, 2012

Facebook launch biodegradable computer challenge

Last month, Facebook’s “Open Compute” project unveiled a daring design challenge for students at Purdue University’s College of Technology: to create a biodegradable server chassis.  (That’s computer casing to you and me.)

Why?  Well, due to the rapid advances in technology and the development of ever-more powerful computers, companies have to replace their servers as often as every 2-3 years and this creates a lot of waste.  So, Facebook is looking for ways to challenge conventional thinking and explore more sustainable designs.  They are doing this through their Open Compute project.  As corrugated board is a biodegradable product which dissipates heat better than plastic, it is a logical choice. However, remember that a chassis made with corrugated could just as easily be recycled.  And: it  is already on the market, as shown in our picture.  For more information visit