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insect hotel packaging awardIn the first Dutch packaging awards for 2016 packaging designed for a range of insect hotels using recycled corrugated board has won first prize in the non-food design section.  The packaging was designed by Dutch based Brum Design.  In summing up its decision, the jury concluded that “this simple, functional and cheerful packaging fits well with the product, and supports the sustainability philosophy of the manufacturer. The product is well protected with a minimal amount of packaging material (recycled corrugated). The product-packaging combination has a great gift value.”   

meatpack  Corrugated board is the number 1 packaging for meat. As it is for fruit & vegetables. Yet both categories use different corrugated solutions. Until recently, that is. Dawn Meats, a major beef & lamb exporter, looked for a new packaging for their export into some 40 countries. Requirements were a turnkey solution for their three production sites in Ireland, cost reduction, better pallet utilization and above all, total elimination of the risk of damages.

saica_winepackFor decades manufacturers have designed packaging solutions for transporting wine safely, but with the growth of e-commerce wine producers and retailers have identified new needs. Wine e-retailers have seen the growth of orders for single bottles, and typically glass bottles require strong packaging to withstand the risks of parcel shipping.

mcbike A new take-away service by fast food chain McDonalds could create an uptake for new packaging fit for cycling. With this new service not only can cyclists pedal into a McDonald’s drive-through stand, but on top of that their food comes in a packaging designed especially for transportation on bicycles.


With a great example of innovative solution that meets customer needs, a corrugated packaging for loudspeakers won the ‘Storage and Transport’ category at Germany’s “Goldene Welle” awards. The packaging is innovative, easy-to-use, and offers great protection;

The Finish packaging sector has come together to produce a campaign highlighting the wide range of benefits of different packages. The Quite a Package! Campaign is a series of highly entertaining video animations following 2 characters called Siiri and Rolle, who explore the benefits of different packaging types as they go about their daily life.

What do the French think of the cardboard as packaging material? According to a recent Ifop study they see it as a practical, economic and ecological multi-purpose material.

11 to 14 year old pupils studying Design and Technology in the UK have been invited to enter a school competition to design original corrugated board packaging. The competition is one of the modules on PaperWorks, the award winning multimedia schools resource developed by the Confederation of Paper Industries.

Gavin Chappell, Supply Chain Director of AsdaGavin Chappell supply chain director at Asda believes that “Packaging has a huge role to play in the prevention of waste”.

The way that corrugated packaging functions plays a crucial role throughout the supply chain. It ensures that products are protected throughout their journey from factory or farm to the supermarket and onwards to your home.

Xavier Hua, Managing Director ECRThis year’s ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) Conference was centered on the theme “the next generation” and how collaboration creates value across the supply chain. ECR is an industry body which aims to make the fmcg industry more responsive to consumer needs and promotes collaboration between stakeholders to achieve new efficiencies in the supply chain.