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A love affair with paper based packagingConsumers in Europe have a high regard for paper-based packaging. In fact, they love it!

Here are some facts from a study in Germany:

  • 79% of the German consumers think that paper based packaging is ecologically advantageous compared to plastics.

gardenWe’ve found a great composting recipe which you can use to fertilise your growing plants next year.  All you need is corrugated board, carbon-rich organic matter, nitrogen-rich organic matter, some soil and a pitch-fork!

1.  Collect your disused corrugated board.

2.  Tear it in smaller pieces (chunks, not confetti) – this makes it easier to decompose.  If you have a lot cardboard, you can help the process go a little faster by lightly soaking pieces in water.

We live in a society of endless production and consumption but also of ever-dwindling resources. It’s more important than ever to use renewable and recyclable materials whenever we can. In this respect, corrugated is often the best choice for easily recyclable and sustainable packaging, but also for products you might not expect.

We welcome the European Commission’s (EC) communication on “Innovating for Sustainable Growth: a Bioeconomy for Europe”, aiming to shift the European economy towards greater and more sustainable use of renewable resources.

The strategy recognises packaging’s significant role in ensuring food safety, enhancing shelf-life, preserving taste, protecting goods, providing information to consumers and providing convenient portion sizes.