Aug 29th, 2018

Biodegradable corrugated grill for outdoor fun

A nice solution for a barbecue in open air, this one-time-use grill is made with four natural & sustainable materials: corrugated, lava stone, charcoal and bamboo.

It’s light, weighing about 1kg, so easy to pack for outdoor trips such as hiking, on the beach or camping. The corrugated base serves as a good insulation so the outside does not get too hot to pick it up with your hands. It’s easy to set up and the charcoal briquettes are ready to grill in 5 minutes after lighting the four corners.  It retains its heat for up to 60 minutes, enough time to cook a nice outdoor meal!

After use, the whole grill including its paper packaging, can be composted and it will biodegrade in about 6 months.