Jul 9th, 2018

Eye-catching Corrugated display for laundry care products

This corrugated display was designed for the presentation of laundry cloths. Its open design and colourful look make it visible from different angles and it can be spotted from a distance. The presented merchandise can be easily taken and refilled, making it easy for both customers and retailers to handle.

The 1/4-pallet display is delivered to the retailer pre-filled; transport pads ensure safe shipment. The display can also be used for other product groups from laundry care range thanks to its height-adjustable shelves. If the number of products in the display need to be reduced for placement in smaller retail spaces, covers can be used.

The display was an award winner in the category ‘Point of Sale’ at the WorldStar Packaging Award 2018 and it won the German Packaging Award in the category ‘Presentation of Goods’. https://bit.ly/2IVwAxk