Nov 21st, 2016

C.F.Q. – Guaranteed quality and performance

You may already be familiar with the Common Footprint (CF) standard. It ensures trays from various origins can be stacked safely by defining a standard base size along with the size and position of tabs and receptacles.  The CFQ standard adds a new dimension to CF: Q for QUALITY.

CFQ is a Europe-wide standard and ensures that the tray will do a perfect job throughout the entire logistic chain – from the grower to the retailer. A tray with the CFQ stamp is a tray where quality is the main priority, so you can be certain your fruit and vegetables will arrive in optimum condition.

“With CFQ, FEFCO and the national organisations have created a standard that takes into account both the produce to be packed and the distance it travels. The CFQ standard will not only help growers and retailers select the tray that is a perfect fit for their needs, but also deliver the quality promised every time.” Angelika Christ, Secretary General of FEFCO.

The CFQ promises: strength and durability, cross-border compatibility, the best weight to volume ratios for shipments and trays that can be stacked easily and safely.