Nov 9th, 2016

Corrugated for your home deliveries – a single-use packaging you can trust

On 2 November, the BBC highlighted concerns around the hygiene levels of reusable plastic home delivery crates:

BBC One’s Watchdog programme carried out an undercover investigation after a whistle-blower raised concerns on the absence of proper cleaning of the crates. For more watch the programme on YouTube:

Packaging Hygiene is a topic that FEFCO is actively following as food safety has always been one of the industry key concerns. We know that to prevent this type of situation corrugated can offer a reliable packaging alternative for home deliveries. Corrugated boxes guarantee hygiene and food safety as they are used only once and because during the manufacturing process the paper is heated above 100° C – high enough to kill germs.

Furthermore, recent studies by the University of Bologna have shown that Corrugated trays keep fruit fresher and safer than reusable plastic crates (RPCs) and can significantly reduce contamination from pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms.

For additional information, please read the press release issued by our UK national association: