Sep 29th, 2016

Corrugated drum kit

Obilab is a drum kit made from corrugated, designed for people on the move and especially for those wanting to easily practice their playing without having to invest in a full drum set. The set consists of 6 parts and weighs only 2kg, making it easy to carry around. The drum kit fits into a backpack sized box, which also serves as stool. It only takes 2 minutes to assemble and aspirant drummers are ready to go. The sticks are made of bamboo and each of the drums is topped with fiberglass to make it sturdy.

The drum is about 10 times quieter than normal drums but a microphone can be added and an electronic module has also been launched which has sensor on each and can be used to practice with headphones or hooked up to amplifiers.

The corrugated has a great natural acoustic and it`s an affordable material that can be produced worldwide.