Jun 9th, 2020

Corrugated partition walls ensure effective social distancing

In a fast response to the global pandemic, many corrugated businesses are putting in place creative solutions to ensure social distancing measures can be respected in the workplace. One of these solutions is EcoSafeBoard, a protective partition wall that can be used in numerous applications including restaurants, service providers, hair stylists, education, retail and many more.

The basic frame is slotted into different holders so that it provides a partition that can be placed on tables, on the floor or suspended from the ceiling. The corrugated frame has a window made of plexiglass that enables visual contact. The corrugated frames  are available with 5 different finishes ranging from white to steel, rustic or gold.

The partition boards are inexpensive, lightweight and provide an ecological solution that respects the environment, the boards can be 100% recycled.