Jul 19th, 2016

Festive and smart ‘Wine in a box’

Here`s a good looking bag in box wine that`s been reinvented in a smart design with a hexagonal pieces. It`s Ideal for the summer season, festive looking, portable with a nice handle (unusual for bag in box wines) This packaging will definitely stand out from the crowd at a summer BBQ or informal party.

The packaging is also versatile, once the last drop of wine has been finished, the corrugated box can be re-used as a toy. It`s hexagonal pieces that can be constructed to make different shaped fun objects. A true example of reusable packaging that fits in the circular economy mindset!

The wine packaging was designed by the Spanish agency Nutcreatives for wine merchant Viajes De Un Catador who offer intriguing wines from all over Spain. http://www.viajesdeuncatador.com/

el tinto cut