Dec 22nd, 2016

Landbox – the ecological and safe food delivery box!

Good news for ecologically minded consumers: Landpack, a company based in southern Germany produces an ecological packaging using corrugated and straw. The box is used for home delivery of fresh and refrigerated food and is fully recyclable.

Straw has been used for centuries for its excellent insulating properties. In combination with corrugated this packaging provides the optimal conditions for the transport of food. Made of natural materials both straw and corrugated provide the necessary cushioning to protect the goods and they absorb moisture out of the air, this helps to keep food in optimal condition.

Furthermore, as this packaging is used only once, food safety is guaranteed. There is no fear of food being contaminated by dirty crates.

The packaging guarantees an insulation performance up to 65 hours between 0 and 4 Celsius.

Customers can easily dispose of the packaging in the appropriate recycling bin, so that the fibres can be re-used again. And the straw: put in the compost bin or in the garden!

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